Audio is the Bane of my Existence! HELP


I’ve created a banner for the front of my art booth. It has a character I have jumping out of the banner to stand in front of the user and explain how AR is used in my art inside my booth. I have all the audio as .ogg files and imported. I’ve added them to the time line and created a “start” in the timeline, but it still isn’t playing… what am I doing wrong… Ultimately I’d like the audio to start after she finishes jumping out of the banner and lands on the ground and starts the “talking” gestures.


MeetMist.zpp (14.6 MB)


Hi kim!
I don’t really know what caused it but there was a bug in your sound file, when i tried to open it on Audacity it bought me an error. So i just accessed, uploaded it and converted with the following properties:

  • Mono channel
  • 128 kbps

After this, it worked well.MeetMist-v2.zpp (10.3 MB)

Take a look t the file.


Thank you so much.