Audio files won't load


Total beginner here, and trying to upload an audio file as a ‘Sound Object’ in the Designer tool. The formats are supposed to be “MP3, OGG, and M4A and many others”. I have tried the MP3 and the OGG but the M4A will take some other hoop-jumping. I’m wondering why the MP3 and OGG won’t work? All I get is an error message saying “There was an error processing your request. Please reload the page.”


Hi there,

​Just letting you know that we’ve been able to resolve your issue which does not allow you to upload sound objects.

Feel free to upload a sound object to Designer.

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I have the same problem (on Designer) trying to upload M4A files. It just keeps saying invalid file.


Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear you’re having sound upload issues.

Could you try uploading your same audio file in MP3 format and let us know how it goes?



Hi there! I have a similar problem today: I uploaded a short mp3 file in the “Background sound” section, it uploaded, but I get a Zappifing loading that never ends. I noticed that the file wasn’t in the media library.

What I tried is to upload the file in the sound section, and it works there (the mp3 files are now in the media library) but I need the audio as background and I can’t set it up because of the never ending loading.

I’m getting this problem today with the projects I bought, until a few days ago I normally used the free projects and everything was just fine. Hope you can help me. Thank you!


Hi there @uriel!

I’ve responded to this specific query here - Audio files won't load. We’re on the case! :tada:

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