Audio disables in video only on ios devices on WebAR through deeplink


Hi everyone, I made a video switching experience through blink and it launches through deep link it works fine on android devices but on iOS devices mutes the audio in the first itself as shown image below, how to unmute it or disable it, thank you.

[SOLVED] Audio Not Working in Published Web AR (iOS Only)

Hi Vinod,
Instead of your normal URL String like you can use,
The added &_mute=0 at the end of the URL String seems to work.
Please see if it works for you.



thanks for your response @prodipta
I have tried it it doesn’t working &_mute=0 at the end of url and also this,
for to hide rescan and menu icon in wear toolbar we use like rs=0 & menu=0
is there anyway to trigger it.


Hi @vinod,
I had the same problem and _mute=0 worked for me.
I don’t know why these are not working for you.
You should mail Zappar with your problem and your device model and OS version.
Maybe they can take a look and tell you what the problem is particularly.


OK I’ll check thank you @prodipta😁


Hi @vinod

Could you try the query string &_vids=2?



It works thanks @George