Audio and Video is not in sync



I have a problem syncing audio and video file in studio. When I scan my AR using zappar app, the video plays 1 second faster than the audio. I have check the video and audio files is syncing correctly if played outside zappar. The only problem is when i view the video inside zappar app.

This has happen a lot with my other video as well but since the other videos is not showing people talking than the difference between the audio and video cannot be seen. But this time I want to post a video with people talking. And it is very weird to see the audio came 1 second late after the video.




I have found the solution to the problem.

Apparently ZapWorks Studio play the video from the first frame with pictures or any object. If the first few frames are transparent, ZapWorks Studio will ignore that first few frame and start with the first frame that have content (pictures, shapes videos etc).

So that’s something to keep in mind. :slight_smile:



Hey there,
I have the same problem: My video and audio are also out of sync when viewed from within the Zappar App. How can this be fixed?
My video has no transparent frames but still the bug is there.
Thanks for your help,


OK, I found the solution myself. :wink: The delay was due to using a “transition in: fade” plus “delay”.
If you deactivate both options for the video it will play just fine.