AR project


Hi everyone,
currently i doing a project for AR human anatomy.
i import a 3D model skeleton in studio. and if i click on the skull, will it able to go to the next 3D model of the skull?

if not, is there any suggestion for me to create something which is similar?

Thank you.


You can if you place a button on the skull.



hi Steve,

thank you for your help, however by placing a button i need to use the script of pointer-down. by adding the const symbol of the skull. but i still unable to go to the next 3d model. do i still need to add anything to the script?

thank you.


Studio can’t guess what your application is supposed to do! :grin:
So, you have to figure out how to achieve what you want.
For example, you could use with the visibility property (true/false) to display a specific 3D model…