AR Photobooth - Customizing it further

Hi guys, I’m trying out the AR Photobooth for an event and the sample tutorial is great! I would like to customize it further though and I could use some help.

I was wondering if I can change the background? I found a couple of free 3D scenes (though I haven’t checked if they’re compatible with Studio) that I was hoping to import in so that the user feels like he/she is in a 3D environment. If not, I can do a 2D background instead. However, how do I go about it?

Also, instead of saving the picture to the camera roll, can I have it set up so that when the user presses a button, the app takes a picture and uploads it to a predetermined Instagram account with the option to add a description?

I don’t know about the 3d scenes. Haven’t tried it but I have used the 360 photosphere.

As for your uploading to instagram yes and no. when you take the photo you have save and share. on my phone (android) I can post to any installed app. Facebook,Instagram so on. but it’s to my account not a predetermined account. If you add the device to the code in properties you can set snapshot message. So you could setup a “#ZapparRocks


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