AR for sustainability and transparency


I was kindly invited to speak at a great event recently called Packaging Re-wrapped, organized by the team at Future Planet. This was a gathering of inspiring people from companies small and large alike, each from a wide range of industries but united by a common purpose - trying to reformulate the way packaged goods are transported and sold at retail and online. The speakers and breakout conversations were fascinating, with plenty of debate around the ‘Blue Planet’ effect that has (quite rightly) sharpened our focus on plastics, especially regarding recycling and the negative environmental consequences of relying on single-use varieties. Major supermarket retailer Waitrose explored the BBC documentary's impact on their own audience, finding that 88% of customers who had watched the show subsequently changed their purchasing habits. There was also much discussion about our carbon footprint and how this needs to be in our collective crosshairs, just as much as plastic, to prevent the march of rising global temperatures. For my part, I was there to share how connected packaging can play a powerful part in helping to educate, empower and reward consumers to make the right purchase decisions. I was really interested in exploring how AR can help people navigate the jungle of misinformation around what is and what isn’t recyclable and therefore empower people to recycle more effectively.

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