AR for Marketing and Brand Communication Experiences Demo

I have created this demo to go with an article on my blog about the use of AR for marketing and brand communication.
This is better seen if printed. Not really suitable for screen zapping. :wink: It is a demo.
Let me know your thoughts about it.



Hey Milenne,

Great work, I love the mix of 2D, 3D and video in a single experience.

In terms of suggestions I have a couple:

  1. Include a portrait as well as landscape mode for your UI elements in case the user is holding their phone in portrait mode.
  2. Define what should happen when the target image is no longer detected in the camera view (grab and go), I would recommend the lookFor subsymbol we mentioned in this post - Adding a look for prompt to a project

Hope this feedback helps :slight_smile:


Great feedback Mark. Thanks. Yes, I like to have all the projects rotating according to the orientation of the device. I am going to do that. Also, the prompt idea is excellent. I have just tested the experience and I was telling the person how to move the phone… so… that is definitely a must. Thank you Mark. Have a great day.

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