AR for Drinks Can


Hi this is my first post on this forum.

I found out about Zapworks when looking for a way to create a digital label for my brewery. We brew small quantities of high quality craft beer which are packed in 330ml cans.

I have a tech industry client that I want to impress…

They are organizing a conference and have agreed to having my brewery supply a special beer for the event.

I want to create a minimalist label - using a blank black drinks can. The idea is that the label will be virtual and can only be seen wrapped around the can using Web AR.

Is there anyone here that can help?

I have no experience in programming or using AR, but the Instant Tracking and deploying a Custom Web AR site could be what I am looking for.

Introducing Instant Tracking

First Welcome to the Zappar family!!

So for your questions.

I would first look at this doc to see what makes a good tracking image.

Next question.

If it will be just a label and it meets the what makes a good tracking image then Yes you can use WebAR to track the label. But if you would like it to work going around the can that’s where Zappar has problems. You have to see most of the image to track it. So for now I would say No to that part.

As for Instant Tracking this is different than Image Tracking (or your label). For this you would have a 3d model of your can that once placed on a location buy the user you could look around it.

I and other on the forms here do freelance work. If you would like feel free to message me and we can talk.



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Welcome to Zappar! Happy to have you here!
I am going to second everything @stevesanerd has said, but also wanted to add on one thing:

I want to add on here, that if cylindrical tracking is a make-or-break feature for you, ZapWorks is not the product for you. It may be a faux pas to mention other softwares, but things like 8th Wall offer tracking around a cup or can and may be worth looking into. From my experience, ZapWorks/Zappar is super flexible in its capabilities and great for beginners (especially with things like Designer) but unfortunately it’s currently limited to only tracking flat objects in its image tracking.

Happy zapping!


Hi @abiro thanks for the welcome… and the reply!

Yes, tracking the can is an important feature that I am looking for.

I want to be able to supply a 2d jpeg can label design and use an AR package to make it appear wrapped around the can.

When the user rotates or moves the can towards the camera the design needs to move correspondingly.

Am I asking too much of the AR software capabilities?


In the case of ZapWorks, yes. You can train the 2D image, but it would appear flat and not wrap around your can. Additionally, as you rotate the can and the image would disappear from camera view, the experience would stop appearing on screen. What you’re describing is a type of cylinder tracking, which is not supported by ZapWorks at the moment.

In essence, you aren’t asking too much of AR in general, but you are asking too much of ZapWorks.


Any 8th Wall devs lurking here?:wink:

Finally found an article with exactly what I am imagining…

Check out the cat wine label :eyes::eyes:


Hi Bosaland,

This forum is specific to the ZapWorks tools and products, it’s not the right place to find information or help on any other AR solutions or toolkits.

On cylindrical tracking (and other curved targets such as cups), this is a capability we will be adding to ZapWorks in the coming months. Your original idea of a completely black cup is not possible with any image tracking technology though - you’ll need a reasonable amount of detail on the can for any AR software to be able to detect and track it.