AR experience link changes each time an experience is published

I am sure that the Support team knows what I’m referring to in the subject.

In the old Designer and Studio, the link for an AR experience would not change every time a change is made to the experience and is published. The problem with the link getting updated with version numbers(V1, V2, and so on) is that users cannot bookmark an experience and access it. They would have to find and scan the QR code or deep link every time, which is unlikely.

I suggest that the old way to maintaining one link be retained, instead of appending version numbers to it.

Request the support team to respond about this…

The project’s triggers in ZapWorks (QR code or deep link) always stay the same and will redirect to the latest published version. Triggers should always be used when sharing a link to the project.

I understand. But many users, including myself, tend to use the history or bookmark from a browser to access and experience again. With the new system, users don’t have the chance to bookmark the deep link because it automatically redirects to the another link. Bookmarking the end link doesn’t make sense now, for obvious reasons.

Hence, I think the system in the previous designer or current studio works better from a user and brand’s point of view.