AR business development


Congrats to @zappar1 for his win in the Sipsmth competition! I found this design inspiring. Marco really captured a brand and showed the possibilities. Has anyone else work on name brands? I am surrounded by companies that might be interested in this type of brand extension.
@zappar1 If you have any input on the business side of taking on a project like this that would be very appreciated.


Hi @digitalpopups It seems that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to AR and ROI for business. I have seen great examples of amazing roi in training. In marketing however, I have seen no solid examples of impact. It is just so cool, there has to be some impact on engagement. One of the nice things about Zappar is the scan count. That’s better proof of engagement then a regular magazine ad. Have you taken on any marketing projects? Is that something you sell as a feature to clients?
I know there are few people searching for AR right now but I did just see it discussed on local news. That tells me it is going more main stream. My hope is there will be lots of demand in the near future and we can find some success in the field. I’m ok with being a little fish. My main goal is to build something new to transition to from my current business. I have designing, selling, and manufacturing wall decor for the past 10 years. It has been great creatively but, I would love to design a new carrier that builds of my skills and I can be mobile.
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Congrats @jmw Hamed. That looks nice! Have you taken on projects this size for many clients? I am trying to get a feel for what freelancers are charging for this type of work. I can see AR becoming widely used.


Thanks @mgoins200

It depends on the complications of the projects .


I am sorry for the delay mgoins200. I think I am bitten by a shark every day.:smiley:
Yes, I do offer AR mainly for marketing purposes but having said that the training seem to have great demand. I am working on a training project.
Marketing does have huge potential. The key is to work on your own marketing. People find AR interesting and fun but still don’t understand the business value and that is the main challenge.
It is good to choose one application and then see how you can implement AR. I did the other way around and it is costly not to have a very well defined target audience.
You are in a field of wall decor. That is great. You have contacts and AR is great for retailers. So I suggest you focus on one and then market that one thing.
If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact me.


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If you are planning to start a business in AR, you will need a very good support. I am talking not only about money and financial part in general, I am talking about knowledge here and a very trustful community of people. Also, it is recommended for you to have around some IT company that will help you with all related problems. I have my own business and I work with Believe me, this is one of the best IT consulting agencies. I can surely recommend those guys to you because they are professionals and they know what they have to do. I wish you a very good collaboration!


It seems to me that your ideas are quite progressive. I have not worked in the AR business, but I have heard many about it from my partners. It will be interesting to see how this industry will eventually develop.
In any case, do not forget about the fundamentals of the business and the software functionality all companies need. I advise you to immediately think about its IT base and turn to a good company that will provide you with a software package. I use their services myself and am satisfied.
In any case, good luck in your endeavors!