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Hi everyone! My name is Michael Goins. I am in love with the idea of starting a business based around AR development. I am sure a lot of other folks here are too. Many of you are likely already earning an income with AR. It seems that we are on the edge of AR becoming wide spread and there will be a lot of opportunities and demand in the near future for all of us. I am interested in starting a conversation/ support group based around AR business development and making connections with other like minded individuals wanting to make a go at this field. I am new to AR but have lots of experience in product development, packaging design and graphic art. I am sure a lot of people here are in a similar situation with lots of supporting skills to bring to AR development.

If you are interested then please chime in. Here are some opening questions to start things off.

What are the Avenues of application people are going after with Zappar?

What is the going rate for a piece of marketing material?

What areas of the market have the highest demand?

Best way to build a team for projects?

What are target hourly rates being charged?

How are people finding clients?

Has anyone built customer personas?
Does Zappar ever do any business development workshops for users of their software?


Hello Michael,
Yes, AR is really important. I’ve had a strategic marketing & design firm for over 25 years, Wheeler Design Group, and we just launched Reality Lab®.

Reality Lab, llc is our augmented reality content studio. We conceive, design, and deploy augmented reality experiences for business, art, and communication. We’re currently building an AR experience to be used in all of the Massachusetts casinos to foster responsible gaming. We have several demos and bids out to other companies. It is exciting times!

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn at J. Michael Wheeler


The casino zap is very nice!



Yes, there are so many opportunities!


Hello Michael,

I agree with you 100%. I see a lot of opportunities and potential for us in the AR area. I have done a few business cards as a demo for small business and they love it! I do graphic, web and multimedia design so zappar is easy for me to do my AR experiences and campaigns. I have the same questions as you on some of the topics. Not sure how the rest of the forum or zappar team can help with this.

What is the going rate for a piece of marketing material?

What are target hourly rates being charged?

Does Zappar ever do any business development workshops for users of their software?


Percy Ordonez
Creative Director


Nice AR projects Michael. Have you found the formula to price AR…?


Some of us do Freelance work :wink:on here. Others have opened their own businesses. Like Milenne Tanganelli from Digital Pop-ups @digitalpopups.

I found if you are looking for something feel free to post it or massage someone you think could work with you.



The casino project looks nice! Is that something you were approached to do or, did you build it as a proposal?
I feel one of the challenges with AR is that a lot of folks don’t really understand what it is yet. I was considering approaching mid-sized companies here locally and see if there is any interest in adding AR to their marketing mix. Before doing so I want to develop a solid set of examples for AR use and benefits to branding/marketing.


Hi Percy,
I’ve been educating potential clients on the possibilities for AR for about year. Because we are defining the medium, and each project I approach is exploring a different problem to solve, I don’t have a formula for pricing: each one is unique.


Hey Michael,
When I talk about AR I watch for the glaze factor : when their eyes glaze over I know they have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve learned it’s really hard to talk AR, you have to show it. When I’ve had a couple of meetings with a potential client, and I can identify a real problem that can be solved in AR better than another medium, I’ll create a demo and show it to the client.


Thank you jmv.


Thank you Steves.


Thanks Steve for mentioning. Well I will write another message lates. Selling AR when you are a small business is the most challenging thing EVER!
Important to focus on the benefits and the ROI for the client.
The big problem is lead generation. Without consistent marketing … it is tough.
But it is an industry worth billions so if you can invest on it then good if not you are a little fish swimming amongst sharks. ;-D.

Sorry, I actually intended to write a nice message :smiley:


@stevesanerd Is there a Zappar board or thread for freelancers here?


This one is the biggest I’ve seen. There have been people who have posted asking for someone. I have also gotten messages asking if I do Freelance work.

So if anyone is looking YES I do freelance work. :wink:
You can massage me on here or email me at


Ps. I’m also willing to work with others on projects.


I also do. If anyone needs 3D artist for AR I can do. :wink: .
and I have worked with Steve many times. He is brilliant so I highly recommend him.


Thank you @digitalpopups :blush::blush:



Hi @jmw
We also can do that for you.we won the second competition of Zappar,
you can contact us here or at


I have to say I really like it!



Thanks @stevesanerd