Another black screen issue


The other black screen issue topic seems different to me, so I have opened this new topic regarding a sort-of-similar issue.

Since the latest revamp of the studio, I started getting random black screens. I noticed this occures when using multiple monitors. It does not occur using just the laptop’s screen (unplugged from the docking station).

This also messes up some of the properties: it shows properties that of which are from a different state within a controller.



Hi @academy,

If possible, could you send screenshots of these issues to We will take a look and see if we can find a solution.




Hi george, facing kind of same issue but not all times. I have recorded a video and sent, can you check kindly.



Hey @George,

Updating my M3000M GPU to the latest driver (431.86), which released two weeks ago, resolved the issue! No crashes so far after testing a week.

Thanks for the help on the research, though!