Animations in Zappar's Studio


Hello everybody,

I would like to know if is possible to add some new animations in Zappar ( clonning its a good example ).

Thx since now,
Att Higor : D

Drag Objects with momentum

Hello Higor,

Yes, this can be done with ZapWorks Studio. :slight_smile:

To animate 2D objects (planes, images) within Studio, you can use timelines.

To add animated 3D objects to an experience built with Studio, I would recommend that you take a look at the 3D models section of the Studio documentation. Also, feel free to try the step by step tutorial available on the forum: Build a Football Game in ZapWorks Studio. It explains how to import animated 3D models into Studio and how to set their animations to play.

If you have any questions, please, let us know!



Thx Margaux for awnsering me. I’m sorry to say this but I think I did the wrong question…
What I was trying to ask is: Is there anyway of add animation samples in Zappar. I mean, like we have elastic, bounce, back and etc. So I want to add clonning or something like this to use in timelines. Is this possible?

att, Higor.

P.S: Sorry again.


Hi again Higor,

No worries! :slight_smile:

Could you please describe what clonning is and maybe give us an example?

You won’t be able to add new interpolation types yourself, but you can suggest some new ones here or in the forum’s Feature Request category.

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Sorry by this delay to awnser you Margaux!

by the way, there go a gif exemple because I’m not the best person to explain things:

In this gif we have some animations that I use to do manually in Zappar Studio on my projects and there you can see the “cloning” interpolation/animation, that’s the only one that I can’t reproduce.

Sorry again by the delay and thx for awnser me @margaux
att, Higor : D


Hi Higor,

Cool gif!

Unfortunately the cloning example there is not a type of interpolation like the others we have in the platform. It’s one object turning into two so you would have to animate that kind of effect yourself in something like After Effects, or have two objects in Studio and have them move apart, though you wouldn’t be able to achieve the blend between them.



I used After Effects to animate the path of a circle (let’s say it’s a loading icon). As what kind of format should I export in order to use it a animated plane (instead of a static plane which normally is an image in my projects)? From my understanding I can only use animated 3D objects. Not animated 2D planes. Is that correct?


If you can make it a video that is the fastest way. Past that you would need each frame and then use a timeline to make it change like a gif.



Thank you! Haven’t even thought of putting every frame in a timeline. That will do with this animation.


Hi @Niels0005,

Awesome little animation! :slight_smile:

Sadly, it’s quite difficult to set it up in Studio alone and in 2D.

If it was a 3D model, you could use a color and mask material - similar to this project: Animating ring.zpp (409.9 KB)

As @stevesanerd says, it might be easy enough to rip out the frames of the GIF and make it an timeline frame animation. Alternatively you could set up a mask in a video editing software and using it similar to an alpha video.

We would love to see the final version!