Animation jumps around


The animation runs smoothly in the studio, but when I view through my phone or the windows app camera it jumps all over.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi there,

I am just a user and am by no means an expert but I have a couple of suggestions that may help. Your issues seem related to the tracking image and I think it requires more contrast points. Currently the track is more or less one consistent line across the page. Maybe introduce some trees or rocks to help zappar hold the track. There are some support videos in the documentation that outline what makes a good image. Hope that helps


I will play with that for sure.


Worked Great! Thanks added some more stuff to make it more trackable.


Hi @dax,

I believe this is the video that @luke was referring to (thanks Luke :slight_smile: ).

All the best,


Right. I added some trees and contrast areas and it worked great. I only have to fix the issue of the invisible cubes blocking the view of the train as you rotate the tracker. I will post a separate thread about that.