Animating in Studio wishlist


Admittedly, a bit of a superfluous request, but it’s because I’m finding it a lot easier to just animate within studio than to try and export an alpha mp4.

-could there be a way to change the anchor point of an item? always having things rotate from the dead center of the asset makes animating pivots require more steps than potentially necessary. This is a big big wish of mine, I have been doing a lot of digital cutout animation as of late, so this would solve a lot of headaches.

-would it be possible to adjust the speed certain animations happen? Specifically when using something other than linear interpolation. Having the ability to change when the interpolation animation takes place without necessarily having to add unnecessary keyframes would be nice.

-piggybacking off a previous request for controller folders, having the ability to group elements on the timeline would help keep things nice and tidy. The timeline panel often ends up taking up a lot of space when animating more than a few things at once.


Hi Atlas,

Hope you’re well!

Some great ideas here, definitely noted.

For changing the axis point, you can actually add your content (2D or 3D) to a subsymbol. If you then change the transforms of the content within the subsymbol, when you head back to the parent, the 0,0,0 point of the subsymbol will be the same but because the content itself is altered in the subsymbol, the now rotate, scale, position is relative.

Will bump the grouping feature request for you.



Oh, groovy! Admittedly, I probably don’t utilize subsymbols as much as I could be, so that is good to know. Thanks!