Animated GIF


Hi all – I am busy doing a flyer for a Cheetah Park and was hoping to place an animated GIF of a Cheetah running - there are many around. But it seems that this can’t be done by importing a transparent animated GIF - is this still the case?
If so - is there another option perhaps? Tx all …


Sorry zapworks can not do animated GIFs.
What I havr done is us timelines and made a movie like clip. But turning on and off the gif parts. It can take a bit to make depending on what you need.



Hi Steve - Thanks so much for the reply. I’m trying to get a running cheetah - but will just use a video for now - :slight_smile:

Much appreciated! Cheers


Just curious, is this part of an AR experience? If so, what about a 3D model of a running cheetah?


Hi there :slight_smile:

Yep, it is … I would LOVE a 3D running cheetah - you’ll see I have a previous post on the forum asking for help on how to do that … but haven’t really had much success in figuring that one out LOL!

It would be cool for sure!


Yeah, finding a low poly asset that’s within budget would be the first challenge. There are lots of 3D warehouses now. I got a really nice low-poly, rigged and animated T-Rex from for $10 (wow!), but I’ve yet to use it in an AR experience.

I have used a simple rigid body animation, though, and that wasn’t too bad. Once I’ve been through the process with my T-Rex, I might be in a better position to help.

Goog luck!