Animated Artwork


Hello. I’m quite new to Zappar. I’ve been playing around with the Studio for a bit now, and I really had fun with it!

For my first work, I just used the Zappar Designer to test whether the scanning works! It’s just a simple animation placed on top of an image.
Here’s my artwork.
I hope the scan is ok.

I plan to recreate this animation in the Studio at a later time. I want to see how it looks like using the AR portal Effect.
For now, I hope you like this simple work.

Thank you,
Belle Misa


Hi @artdesign, thanks so much for sharing, this is great! The character reminds me a little bit of Princess Mononoke :smiley: :wolf:!

Excited to see what you come up with in Studio, too - keep experimenting and be sure to share it with our community :heart:.


Thank you so muccchhhh!!!
I am really enjoying ZapWorks Studio

I’m excited too. I’ve been reading a lot of posts here in the forum. So many neat projects I can learn from ^^


Very nice job!!



Thank you so much


Very cool!


Super welcome and really glad you’re enjoying Studio! If this is what you’ve come up with so far with Designer, then your future work is definitely going to be worth keeping an eye out for :slight_smile:.

It’d actually be a nice thing to share on our social channels, if you’d be ok with that? Would of course grant credit and link out to your channels if you let me know.


Ofc that will be super awesome.
Thank you!