Android problems


I was testing out the demo and the button stays on the screen even after you look away from the targets.


I too have the same issue with iOS.



Currently the demo experience chooses to leave the content on screen when the world map can’t be seen - it does this because ZapBox will continue using the phone’s gyroscope to try to present the content in a consistent location for the user. If the user moves around then this will lead to the content appearing at the wrong place in the room; that is until the user points back at the point codes on the map. Once we have world maps that contain multiple full size pointcodes (instead of the single piece of paper that we currently have) this will be less of an issue:

  • The world map will be much bigger so the user is more likely to always have some point codes in view of the camera.
  • The user’s hand movements will be smaller relative to the map so gyroscope approximations will be closer to the ground truth than they are now.

Another thing to point out is that you can define exactly what behavior should occur when this happens in ZapWorks Studio. An event is called when the map goes in and out of view that allows you to script what happens. You may wish to fade out the virtual world content for example. This is exactly what we currently do with the controller “flower” content.

Hope that clears things up a bit!

Quick question for @stevesanerd - which Android device are you using? It may be the case that it lacks a gyroscope.



Thank you. I was testing it on a Samsung Sky (Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky) it’s a cheep phone but has a bigger screen then my iphone 5c I started with.


Hi Steve,

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy J3 doesn’t have a gyroscope unfortunately. I should track whenever there are point codes in view however. @simon may have some more helpful insights than me :slight_smile:



what is the latest version to get as a apk file apknite?


Hi @anitascruggs,

If you have any technical questions regarding our SDK feel free to get in touch with

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