Ancient History Competition Winner


We’re always blown away by the ingenuity and creativity of our ZapWorks community. From deep space exploration, to terrifying Halloween experiences via the teleportation power of an augmented portal, we ask our users to wow us and they always deliver. This time, we sent intrepid AR creators tumbling through time with our Ancient History competition.

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Congratulations @stevesanerd well deserved, certainly one of the best projects I have seen from a member of the community!

I am looking forward to seeing who is going to beat you next time around :grin: :muscle:

Hope you and the family do something fun with the winnings over the holidays!


Thank you Chris!

I can’t wait to show off my other things I have come up with for Zappar!



Congratulations Steve,it is a wonderful project.Hamed Miri


Thank you!


Awesome entry @stevesanerd! Congratulations on your win!!



Congratulations @stevesanerd !!!

Excited to hear about the next competition theme! Sorry that life was too crazy this close to the holidays to participate in this one. But I can’t imagine going up against the winner of this one. Well done steve!


Thank you!


Maybe next time :slight_smile:
Thank you


Steve rocks. Congratulations again Steve! Nerdy guys do amazing stuff…


And Nerdy Girls :smile:



Oh Yes! Let’s call it Nerdy creatures ;-), which is a compliment of course :wink: