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ZapWorks Ancient History Competition :classical_building:

Competition entrants can document their competition progress in this thread.


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Zappar enhanced trading cards

Since the last competition I have been working on things Zappar said we could not do. I really don’t like being told I can’t do something. This competition entry is one of them.
I would like to introduce Zappar’s first multi-tracking image experience!

Sorry, it is only a one at a time tracking image experience. (Multi-active tracking image experience coming soon … Maybe for the next competition.) Even so it has 8 different tracking images.

I have an auto scan and a manual select modes. My scan time is set to 1 second because I found out that Android devices have a slower image detection then Apple. With Apple devices I could drop the scan times down to .5 second. Still that time adds up when you have 8 images. It can take up to 8 seconds to detect the next image.

I hope you all enjoy it.