Analysing your tracking image


Hello guys!
I can not load a tracking image into Analytics your tracking image
We have a problem!


Hi There,

We had a momentary issue with tracking image uploading but it should now be resolved.

Let us know if you run into any other issues with it.




I am having this problem as well. The tracking image continues to get stuck in “Analysing”, I have tried different images, different sizes, different projects. etc. Please help, this project was supposed to be due tomorrow, but will have to be pushed back.


Hi @multimedia,

We were experiencing a few minor issues with ZapWorks earlier but these have now been resolved. Please try and re-upload the tracking image.

If the issue persists please let me know.

All the best,


I had this problem last night (EST) as well. But this afternoon, I was able to use it fine, and I was able to evaluate my tracking image, which was listed as really good with 90% of the area showing a green-best.

Despite my really good tracking image, my 3D model, which sits atop the image, bobbles around a lot.

Is this due to a similar recent issue, or is there a way I can fix this?



Hey @shawnjoh,

The kind of jitter you’ve described is usually caused by poor tracking quality due to the tracking image used.

The tracking image analysis is just a guide, and at times may not be indicative of the final tracking quality, so we always suggest thorough testing with multiple versions of a target image.

Tracking image quality was discussed over on this thread:

Our video on What makes a good tracking image? should also come in handy.

All the best,


Hey @Seb I have done a lot of experimenting this week and weekend with different images,including a dollar bill image, and I still get wobble. I’ve read every little bit of documentation you have on the issue, I promise :slight_smile:

The same model, with the original tracking image, stays perfectly still in another AR platform, however it does not have access to the PBR materials, which my model uses and other awesome features that Zappar has.

Can you supply me with a graphic here that you feel is one of the very best? And then I will try it to see if there is wobble.



If we have a graphic available to us that is a really good tracking image, as per Zappar standards, then we can use it to test to see if it is indeed possible to improve our own tracking image.

Is such a thing currently available - or can it be made?