AMA with Zappar’s Executive Creative Director

Worried about working in isolation with no one to bounce ideas off? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Zappar Executive Creative Director, Andre Assalino and Zappar Managing Director, Max Dawes are here to help with your creative thinking. This is an open AMA where you’ll have the opportunity to run some of your AR project ideas past Andre and Max as they talk you through the creative process we use at Zappar and what goes into creating compelling AR.

Projects sketches and questions can be submitted here or beforehand.

What to expect:

  • Learn about some of the projects that inspire Andre
  • How to generate new ideas for your next AR project
  • Andre’s creative process and workflows
  • Run your own project ideas past Andre for feedback and creative collaboration.

Andre Assalino

Andre Assalino leads our award-winning creative consultancy and is responsible for the best-in-class AR campaigns we deliver for brands and businesses all over the world. These experiences shape our company-wide vision.

Andre has worked at Oscar-winning studio Moving Picture Company (MPC) where he was responsible for concepting and delivering solutions across digital, mobile, VR/AR, experiential and social landscapes. He is one of the global leaders in VFX and his experience adding visual wonder and creative expertise to the advertising, film and entertainment industries is invaluable.

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I have yet to talk our company into spending the money on Zappar licensing, but I see it as a no-brainer for the kind of AR learning that we can bundle in small packages and duplicate across our inventory.
The basic gist of what I am wanting to do;

  • We have hundreds, maybe thousands, of similar pieces of audio visual equipment all over the company; and spread from Texas to Washington, DC as well as a heavy presence across the Midwest.
  • Short AR learning modules can live on the pieces of equipment with the QR codes and then the learning is shipped with the equipment whether it is needed in Indianapolis, Atlanta, or San Antonio.

My question for your team;

With hundreds of pieces of equipment, do we purchase licensing to support all of those QR codes, or do we purchase user licenses for the 200 or so employees that would need to have access to the QR codes?

Thanks in advance for considering these ideas/questions.

Ted Chandler

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