Alpha video in Designer


You are really developing Zapworks both for the Web and Unity wich is really great but… why don’t you also develop using movies with transparent backgrund in Designer mode? This FLV with VP6a is so old that it is impossible to use it. I can not find it anywere. It is also a lot of steps in Studio mode.

Do you have a solution for this? Using video with alpha is great in AR.

Alpha videos update

Hi @liv.jonsson ,

We’re looking into improving Designer and feature requests for it are always really helpful! We understand that FLV video is very outdated now so one of our main priorities in the improving updates will be the ability to upload alpha videos or videos with transparent areas.

Unfortunately, for the moment we recommend using Studio to upload alpha video as MP4. The documentation might seem quite scary as it’s quite long but I guarantee you will follow it with no issues. The steps are laid out in a really nice way -

All the best.