Alpha video edges get cut off in studio


I’m having trouble with studio cutting of the edges of my video. The alpha video plays as it should, and does not cut off the edges, because it does not span to the edges of the video. When i then import it to studio it cuts of the edges. The video is .mov and is 1920 x 540.

I have looked at the tutorial of embedding alpha video, but with no luck of finding a solution.

Can anybody explain how i can display the whole video?


Hi @maryfonden,

Could you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing please? If possible, could you please also share your project for us to look at?

I suspect you’ll need to edit the scale properties of the video textures you’ve used since your video is 1920 x 540, so is half the width of the video used in the guide.


Personally, I will choose Joyoshare Media Cutter to losslessly cut off the video edges and flexibly change its aspect ratio. Maybe you have a try.

Hi! I’m experiencing this same issue. I’ve prepared the video as shown in the alpha video tutorials, and when I import it into Zapworks everything seems to be as it should be, but when I start the process with the transformed texture, the texture fits the video into a square and cuts off the ends. I’ve tried it with both 1920x540 and 3840x1080 sized videos. If I change the scale I can move the image around but can’t fit it all into the square at once because it is supposed to play at 16:9.

Is it possible for me to change the transform texture to fit the aspect ratio of how I want the video to show, or should I render my videos again taking into account that they have to fit into a square, or is there something else I can do to fix this?

Realy relieved someone else has been having a similar issue, I thought I was going nuts because none of the tutorials I’ve found mention this.

Another problem I’m having: when I preview the finished project, it always opens in landscape, even if I’ve changed it to portrait inside Zapworks.


Hi I’m having the exact same issue. Did you ever resolve this?

was this ever solved? Again, the transform texture seems to crop the video(prepped for alpha) into a square so you lose the sides no matter what.