Alpha Channel Support


Just wondering if there is any plan to support more alpha channel formats in designer? It is seriously annoying and time consuming to switch back to CS6 to export FLV format. And it’s especially annoying when you’ve created something in CC knowing you don’t need an alpha channel and then the client changes their minds and now wants a transparent background…

CS6 is aready a good few years out of date now and feel like this needs to be addressed



Hi buddy, needed the same, or else those change in mood or decision makes works so much laggy.

Gurzo Yakne


Same here… So many great stuffs but I found that lack of easy alpha channel support is the biggest downside of zapworks. The workarounds are very hacky. And same is for Zapworks Studio.


Hi there,

We generally recommend that you use Studio if you’d like to incorporate Alpha Video to your AR experience, but we appreciate the feedback you’ve given us for Designer. This is a concern which we are well aware of, and we’ll take this into further consideration.

In the meantime, Alpha Video can be added in Studio by following the guide here.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,