Aframe switch from image tracking to instant tracking?

I am trying to use chromakey video on an image target, what I am trying to do is stop the video from playing after it is in the last frame & then place it on the same position in world space so it is not affected by image target again as well as does not move along with the camera. Any suggestions to achieve such effect?

Currently I have created such a script but there is lot of shake and jittering on the AR content :

Hi @mihir,

I believe I answered your support ticket, but just in case this helps somebody:

It sounds like what you’re looking for is something like extended tracking. More about that can be found here:

Bear in mind that this resource is geared towards ZapWorks Studio.

For web deployments, extended tracking doesn’t use a world tracker at all. Additionally, the instant world and image tracker see the world in different ways, in order for the tracking to be accurate for each type. This means that you will have to do your own tricky mathematics to transform the content and make it appear consistent.

That said, just because we’ve not seen it before, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Feel free to have a go and definitely update the thread if you manage to find a solution!

Have a great day!
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