Adobe/Web Fonts in Studio


I am being asked to match an Adobe or Web font with my Zapworks Studio project. How can I access installed fonts or web fonts from within Studio? I would prefer to work with the fonts directly in Studio and not through rasterizing them in something like Photoshop/Illustrator.



Hi @eric.craft,

There are a select few open source fonts included with ZapWorks Studio. They can be added into the Media Library using the + button at the top right of the panel.

In addition, TTF fonts may be dragged directly into the Media Library. Please ensure that fonts are licensed appropriately before use.



I have looked into that, but Adobe fonts do not live in the System fonts folder and I do not have direct access to the font files. They are accessible as system fonts in any application that uses the system fonts, but since you require direct access to the font file to use in Studio this means I can’t use the fonts. Adobe also provides a way to use web fonts through a CSS file as documented here. I also see the Z.Font can be provided a URL as documented here. However I haven’t seen any examples using URL for the font or know how to visualize it in Studio.


It looks like the fonts are delivered in woff and woff2 formats are there any plans to support Adobe web fonts or the web font formats listed?