Adding and controlling animation into 3D objects

Dear designers :love_you_gesture:

Let’s say I want to have a 3D object with animation but instead of an automatic animation playback I want to trigger the animation after user tap/press (a button or the object itself).

What are my options?
In general, is it possible to have 3D object with several different (independent of each other) animations or to use multiple 3D object each with a single animation?

One idea I had was to have 3D object without an animation in one scene and another identical 3D object with animation in the next scene. To trigger the next scene after a user clicks on the 3D object without the animation. In that case, is it possible to trigger (with a timeout) an automatic return back to a previous scene without user interaction?

Thanks :pray:

Hi @arnon.ilani,

Designer doesn’t currently support 3D model animations (although is on our roadmap for this year).

Are you referring to transitions effects when you mention animations? If so, there’s not currently a way to launch a new scene when a transition is complete but it’s a great feature request!

As mentioned, we’re continually working on improving the Designer tool, so things like 3D model animation, transition events (when a transition finishes, do something) and many more features will be coming in the near future!