Add check points via score subsymbol?

Hi there!
I’m using the score subsymbol from the archery tutorial, and I was wondering if there’s a way to use the same subsymbol for multiple checkpoints. I’m having a user look for ten items, but I also want an event to happen when they’ve found half of the item (i.e. 5)

I’m using the subsymbol as the items do not have to be found in a linear order. I’m just not sure what is needed to modify the subsymbol, as I’m still learning to code.

Any ideas?

I managed to figure out something :slight_smile:

Have the end score change depending on what state is active, and then use an if/else to check what the end score count is.

Here’s a snippet:

function stoppingPoint() {

if ( Score.references.End_Score == 10 ) {
[final state]
else {
[halfway point]
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