Add alpha video to 3d project


Hi I have completed this tutorial and it works but what I want to do is add it into a 3d scene and I can’t work out how to do that…

Anyone know?


Hi @peterjoslyn9,

Adding an alpha video to a 3D scene will need a Tracking Image to sit on (Or a photosphere to sit in).

Assets added to a scene will automatically become relative to the parent node. Without a tracking image, assets will automatically become relative to the root node and be relative to z.screen. When a tracking image is added, it allows the relative to property to be overridden and become relative to the tracking image (the new parent).

Please add a tracking image into the scene by clicking on the + icon next to the media library and clicking Train Image File. Once the tracking image is in the media library, drag it into the hierarchy. Now please drag the videoPlane node onto the tracking image and position/rotate it so it is on top.

If you print off the tracking image you will be able to test and see the alpha video while being able to move around it in 3D space. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any other issues.