Add a button after snapshot



I am working on a project in zapworks, which is a AR photo booth, in which when I click the snapshot, it shows me a preview of my photo with share, save and cross button. I want to add a button there which takes me to instructions screen or home page. How do I do that? Please help me if you


We can’t add or edit that page in Studio.
Not that I haven’t been asking to for a long time.



Then how should I come back to home screen or instruction screen. Because it’s for client work and he wants after the snapshot taken and saved press a button to go to Home Screen/instruction screen.


This is just thinking out loud but does the phone’s built-in navigation not just take you back to the last screen? Maybe you add some text before you take the snapshot to instruct the user to make sure they come back to the home screen?

Otherwise you may have to break it to your client that it isn’t possible yet :frowning:


No, it takes me to the scone screen which is the AR photo clicking screen. I want to go back to Instruction screen/home screen. I wrote some code but it’s not working that way. Even I can’t change the share and button button. If I can link of them to go back to he screen that can help. But I can’t. I really need help in this.