Account Canceled


Hey guys,

Ohlone College in Fremont CA here. I don’t know what happened but we have an educational account with you which we paid for until next year (March 2021).

First, our account was moved to the status of “legacy account”. We weren’t able to manage any active seats, we couldn’t delete or add students. We deleted the workspace which apparently also deleted our subscription.

I don’t know what to say other than this is really bad interface design.

Please help us out as we need this account for a project.

  1. Restore our subscription (we never canceled it)
  2. Allow us to add students to the account. We were originally purchased 30 seats
  3. Please respond ASAP



Have you emailed They can help you out better than forums, this is more of a community site to solve tech/coding issues.


Yes. I have. I am waiting for a response. The problem has not been solved.

I think that the issue was that our account was modified to “legacy mode” which took away our ability to manage the account. We might not be the only account affected by this. Worth noting on a forum, don’t you think?


Hi @ireichert,

This problem has been solved now.

Thanks for your help @technogenic :slight_smile:



Love it. Thanks, George. You are the best.