Acces camera texture in Universal AR / BabylonJS

Hey there,

Could you guys share a little snippet for how to reach the current camera texture in Babylon.js please?
Similar to the answer I got here for A-Frame

Thanks a lot!


that would be zapparCamera.backgroundTexture. Are you having a go at the reflections again? :slight_smile:

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I SURE AM :smiling_imp:

(Sorry for the duplicate questions, I guess I’ll be developing projects in A-Frame or Babylon from now on depending on the context, so I’ll try to get my toolkit about the same in both :wink: )

No worries at all!


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:tada: Wooop wooop :tada:
Great news, and thanks for pointing this out!!
Is something similar coming to A-Frame as well?

(also, does this mean that as a rule of thumb, the readme’s from the github releases are the more up-to-date docs, rather than the Zapworks online docs?)

I can’t get it to work though, I’ll create a dedicated thread to be found more easily :slight_smile: