About World Tracking with WebAR


Hello, everyone.
I am using Zapworks Studio v6.5.35-stable to verify World Tracking.

Let me ask you two questions.

Q1. About Show Unsupported Message
If you check the Show Unsupported Message checkbox in World Tracking Ground Placement and run it after publishing, the following message will always be displayed at startup.

I have tested it on the following devices.
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 6S
Galaxy S8(SCV36)

All of the above devices are recognized for operation. I thought this message was only displayed for unsupported devices, is it not?

Q2. World Tracking is unstable.
It was created following the documentation below.

Is it because it is an unsupported device as stated in Q1? The document mentions anchors. Will adjusting these anchors improve the accuracy?

I will share a video of it in action and a URL where you can experience it.

Sample Page


Best regards.

Sadao Tokuyama


I not sure about the unsupported message but World Tracking isn’t supported in WebAR you have to use the Instant Tracing. This is it doesn’t work right.
Now if you where to run your project in the Zappar app then it should work.