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You can build AR content featuring Zappar’s world-leading computer vision technologies in Unity, targeting iOS, Android and WebGL.

Use this section to ask any questions you might have about the Zappar Unity package.

Hi @George I have a few questions regarding the Zappar Unity package in a WebGL build.

  • Is there a way to change from the rear camera to the front facing camera or vice versa during runtime? Everything I have tried throws an error as the camera has already been initialized on start.

  • On chrome iOS the app is currently unusable as after granting access to the camera, the chrome pop up so to allow the camera use never appears and it just hangs on the white screen, this does not happen with Safari or Chrome for Android.

  • This last one isn’t exclusively for the unity package but I have not tested this on any other platforms so I’m unsure if it is a problem elsewhere, when using the additional Snapshot package that you guys provided it works fine on Android but on iOS the screenshot that is taken is upside down and mirrored.

I hope someone may be able to help with these issues as they are causing a roadblock for me right now. Thanks in advance for any help.