About the Tutorial Requests category


Request step by step and video tutorials

Hello everyone,

The Tutorial Request category is for users who have been unable to find a step-by-step guide for a particular ZapWorks feature and would like to request one.

When posting

  • We’d urge you to double check our online documentation beforehand, just in case your topic has already been covered.

  • Please let us know if this is related to a particular project or purpose and your current skill level with ZapWorks, so we can support you effectively (e.g. I am a designer at an agency working on a client brief and this is my first time using Studio).

Our community

  • If you know of any useful Forum posts or existing tutorials that can support posters here, please share them. It’s really helpful! :slight_smile:

  • If a tutorial request would be something you’d also find useful, please let let us know in the replies - the more people we know who want the tutorial content, the better!

Many thanks,