About the behavior when Views exceeds the one-month limit


I have seen the plans posted below and have one question.

There is a limit of Views per month, what happens when this limit is exceeded?
Will I suddenly be unable to access the page?
Will I have to pay an additional fee and will I still be able to access the site?
Also, I would like to know how to check these views.

Best regards.

Sadao Tokuyama


Hi @tokuyama,

We have replied directly to your support request but thought it might be good to add the response here as well for anyone who is confused by our cost per view (CPV) format.

In essence, CPV overage on all plans, regardless of the billing cycle, is invoiced monthly.

ZapWorks will automatically calculate the views that your workspace has received, and if you have exceeded your allowance, then an invoice will be generated and charged to your account.

There’s no hard limit to views, so your projects will remain active after your plan view limit is reached.

You can check your views by heading over to the analytics tab on your workspace and filtering by the month / year.