A question about dimension and aspect ratios vs tracking

Say your making a AR book cover for an A4 size (but this applies to any project with a target image really) Is it better to build the project in native dimensions to that book cover (2480 x 3508 based on pixels) or is it ok to scale resolutions down for bandwidth reasons and just keep the same aspect ratio etc. Will it still track ok? I understanding that resolution will be affected.

You can use smaller resolution images within your project, I would just test it frequently as you’re adding assets to make sure nothing looks too pixelated. Honestly, if the tracking image is massive, you’d have to scale down your assets anyway for ZapWorks to even be able to read that file.

There’s no definite scale size within ZapWorks—the software has no way of knowing if your target image is 4 inches or 4 feet, it only knows if it can see the image or not.


thanks heaps!