A-Frame zappar-camera documentation error

Hi Zapworks team,

Just thought I’d report a potential docs error.


The A-Frame zappar-camera component options pose-mode should be poseMode and pose-anchor-origin should be poseAnchorOrigin.

It may also be worth specifying that poseAnchorOrigin is a selector.

Had to go digging in the node_modules folder to find this out.


Thanks @sam.wray,

Good spot! Will look into updating this asap!

How are you finding the A-Frame SDK?


Thanks :smile:

The A-Frame SDK has been great so far.

The only thing I can say which has been a little frustrating is the lack of examples of all the SDK features, even just in the docs. A-Frame does a good job of showing off code alongside their docs, so something similar would be a welcome update.

Docs could be updated to feature parts of the SDK which maybe aren’t as common of a use-case, such as the poseMode and physics example, mentioned in the page linked above.

Also examples showing off other common things, like gesture detection and model interaction would be very useful to a newcomer. I’ve been using these with no issue in my project currently, but finding examples of this working with A-Frame and AR has been challenging as only 8thwall seem to have examples of these things working and those examples don’t really explain things, they just demo them working.

But really, apart from that I’m steaming ahead with no issues!

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Hi @sam.wray,

I just wanted to pop in here and thank you so much for your feedback! We do have a few basic example projects, which is great for getting started - but I agree that sometimes you need to see a few more embellished projects because it can be overwhelming!

With that, I just wanted to let you know that we also have some pretty cool use-case scenarios such as playing animations on gaze or an interactive business card (I may have left a little surprise on the model in that one!) which you might find really useful! :tada:

You can find these and more built up examples on GitHub here - they’ve been made by more than one person so it’s a pretty cool way to see how you can use UAR and make it your own!

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush: