A few QoL improvements to the Hierarchy

  1. Being able to select multiple objects and drag them around
  2. Being able to do ctrl+c ctrl+v to duplicate objects
  3. Being able to change multiple objects’ properties at once by selecting them and changing the property.

These are all inspired by Unity’s Hierarchy

Zap Studio UI tweaks / QoL list

Hi @marks,

All children located in a group take the property values set by the parent (group). This answers both your first and last request.

For the first - Add multiple objects into a group within the Hierarchy and move the group node. All the children of the group should follow.

For changing multiple properties, it’s very similar to the above example. Adding an object (or multiple) into a group would allow all properties to be overridden. For example, if a group’s color property was to be changed, so would all the planes within that group.

We have some basic Keyboard Shortcuts in Studio but none to duplicate objects directly in the Hierarchy. This could be a great addition!

Hope this helps,


I am aware that it’s possible to add multiple objects into a group and that solves the problem. I usually group objects together when I think it fits logically, and grouping them solely for the sake of changing their properties doesn’t always meet that criteria. Besides, sometimes I want them in different groups because of logical organization so I won’t group them together, and I end up changing their properties one by one. Unity also allows grouping like in Zapworks, but it gives me extra flexibility and ease of allowing me to simply multi-select and change something.