"a child node has issues"


Hi - just using the ‘example-masking objects’ in zapworks studio 5 am getting redlines under most of the heirarchy element which read ‘a child node (it’s name) has issues’

Is this just a bug ? I’ve noticed the preview it creates shows nothing, and I’m wondering if this is why. Will keep trawling the forums & tutorials for an answer.

btw. I’m on windows 10, testing on the android zapper app, and I’ve been ok displaying flat planes on previous blank projects.




Your right! Looks like there is a missing Ceiling and CeilingShading from the file and there is an error in the Hide code.



Hi @kingbaggot & @stevesanerd,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Looks like the hide script is missing ); after the final curly bracket.

As you mentioned, the ceilingShading and ceilingShading0 also seem to be missing file references. To temporarily resolve the issue you can change these object’s Materials property to **—*.


In the meantime we’ll look into getting this example fixed.

Thanks again,