404 error in all QR/Deep links only. Direct/Version links working fine. Universal AR

None of the links/QRs generated for our new project are working. We were expected to publish the experience today
All the webxr.run & webar.run & QRs are giving us 404 from Zappar. The zappar.io links work fine but we already sent and printed the QR codes to the clients.
Please help! We tried to create other projects and they’re also behaving the same.

Hi @dev1,

I believe we may have responded to your support ticket a few days ago, could but could we please confirm that your triggers are now functional? :muscle:

If you are still having issues, please do get in touch with support@zappar.com!

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush:

Hi Francesca. Yeah Exactly.
Our issue was consisted of new Universal AR projects being created with triggers set to ‘Lite Branded’ WebAR, which should be the default Zappar WebAR. For some reason it was happening only to us apparently. There should not even be a Lite Branded WebAR selection possible for a Universal AR project, if I understood conrrectly. So now everything is fixed and back to wroking state.
Thanks Francesca for the prompt and exemplar support.