3d scanning from your phone


Hay I just saw this on-line the other day and wanted to share.
You can use your phone to scan a 3d of just about anything.




Great Steve, Thank you!!


Thanks for sharing Steve!

That’s some very impressive 3D scanning technology.

We’ve been playing around a little with the app with some decent results.

It’s a good idea to watch out for the poly count of the obj files produced however, as some scans produced models with a 300K+ poly count.

This could cause some issues with Studio as we generally recommend an upper limit of 100K polys for a whole experience.

In the meantime, feel free to post your findings as you experiment.

All the best,


I’ll defo be giving this a go! Thanks for the post Steve! I’ve tried some other apps before but they were pretty ■■■■, so will see what this one is like :slight_smile:

Will defo be keeping the poly count in mind, hopefully we can reduce it in our 3d apps. But before I speak more nonsense, let me give this a go first :slight_smile:

Take care guys

Edit: Dammit. Maybe it’s time that I invest in an iPhone


The quallity of the scan seems really avesome for phone scanning app! I guess it uses photogrammetry, or something similar

Googling 3d scanners for Iphone gave me rather strange post on Artec’s site (one of 3d scanners developer)… It would be really great to have an app rom them, but they are talking about “new iPhone’s 3D scanner.” Does it mean they gonna use Face ID like a 3d scanner…?