3D Object tracking


Is it possible to track 3d physical objects in Zappar? With a 3D version overlaid in augmented reality.


Hi @matthew_turner,

Thanks for the post.

It’s not currently possible to track to a 3D objects. With our current image tracking implementation you can track to flat 2D images.

We have seen experiences created that are tracked to 2D parts of a 3D object, example below:

We do have some updates coming to our image tracking tech in the near future which will definitely bridge this gap. So keep an eye out for that!




I have same question :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry for the intrusion. I am a junior high school student from China and I am very interested in the program, but I may not be able to receive the package after my purchase. Could you please provide the parameters of the fisheye camera? And the calibration diagram and the drawing of the controller? I can donate first.

@George Is this someting which is on the roadmap?

Hey @rutgerwink - thanks for your comment. This isn’t something on the roadmap at the moment but thanks for the feedback.

I’m interested to know your usecase as it’s quite challenging to execute 3D object tracking in the web.


Same question

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