3d object import


My 3D object (FBX) imports successfully, but it’s completely black unless I add simulated light.


Hello @sunflowerchocolate,

Usually this happens when you are using a material that receives light.


Material - don’t receive light;

The other three receives and reflect the light.

Just try to change and see what happens. Otherwise, may you send a pic of whats hapenning here?

att, Higão.


Higor is right. The simplest solution is to choose Standard Lighting Material and then, once the model is imported, double click the 3D object to open it and add a directional light. Move the light around until you can see the surface detail of your model.

If your model still looks black, it’s possible your texture did not import. When you import the model, did a box pop up asking you to add your textures? If not, then there is a problem with how you are exporting your model from your software. What m]software are you using?