3D Model with 1:1 scale

I’m trying to create a project where you position a bottle in a specific point and with AR you change the skin. For that what I want to do is to PUT a 3d model of exactly the same mediaS on top of the real world bottle. The problem is that when I import the fbx to Zappar studio, it reduces its scale.
How can I import fbx models with the measurements set in the 3d program?

Hi @nikolas.iturregi,

Studio scales the model into a 2x2x2 bounding box. The scale should be controlled by the unit settings of the modelling tool. Studio doesn’t not do any conversion to the models. It only takes what has already been assigned. Lets say a box has a size of 1x1x1, and the modelling tool defines 1 unit = 1 meter or 1 cm, then Studio will always regard it as a 1x1x1 box, and during the importing process, it applies a 200% scale to it.

Hope this helps.