3D model not showing any textures


This is a continual problem - I’m using texture nodes and the Principled BSDF in Blender to create texture on a cube, but when imported as an OBJ into Zap Studio, I don’t get the box to input the materials - and when applied as in the attached screenshot, nothing seems to happen. Can somebody tell me what I am doing incorrectly? Thanks


I don’t see any textures in 3D Symbols either. But when I add light…I can see textures.

I think you may need to add a light to your hierarchy in Zappar. This can be done in the Symbol itself. Note that lighting added there also effects lighting on other 3D objects in you main project, so I tend to add it to the main project when I’m finished working on it.


Hi @technology,

From your screenshot it seems that you imported this model with a Toon material, but have assigned a specular texture map to all of the material’s texture channels.

You’ll need to make sure that you import your model with the lighting material that best fits the texture maps you created for it, and have assigned the texture maps correctly to their corresponding texture channels.

Additionally, as @dvdkamp mentioned (thanks Ferdy :smiley: ), you’ll need to add lights to the scene. I’d recommend checking out our lighting documentation for more information.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks - it was quite simple in the end - on import I wasn’t choosing the right import method - once i did I was able to apply textures and use environmental lighting, which really improved everything!

Thanks again


Great news, glad it’s sorted out :slight_smile:.