3D Model Import Issue



I’m trying to import 3d models into Zapworks Studio. Every time that i do this, following the method that is detailed on the zapworks website, it brings the model in but i can only view it in 2D.

When I use the movement tools to try and spin the model around it just rotates the environment while the model stays still and 2D in the centre of the screen.

I have also tried previewing the model in the Zappar app but its the same issue, the model remains flat and central. Not allowing me to look at the model in 3D on a surface like i’d want it to.

I’ve tried multiple models, all out of 3ds Max, with varying sizes.

Any help would be much appreciated,




You need a tracing image or world tracking so Zapworks knows where to move from. Right now your Zapworks doesn’t have a point to move from so your model is locked to your screen.