3D Model Import Distortion

Hi I am very new to Zapworks and I always face some issues when importing 3D model with animation.
These models are purchased from Sketchfab.

I have the gaps when the models are imported into the scene. Cannot attach more than one file so I cannot put in for clearer understanding.

Also, when I imported the crane model, the model was completely deformed.

So I went into blender to see where it went wrong and realised that the rigs could be seen from its mesh. However, I am even more to Blender so have no idea how to fix this and export in correct format.

Please help out this newbie
Thank you!

Hi @pixel.studio.pxs,

Welcome to Zapworks! :tada:

You may find our 3D Model documentation helpful here - in particular, our Supported Formats and Requirements article.

More specifically, we also have a section on Rigs and Animations which could help understand why the model could be deformed.

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:

Hi Francesca,

Yes, I have taken the look at these articles.
The format is correct. However, it seems like the Rigging is a little weird from what I can see in Blender.

Even though I know this is not something that I can solve within ZapWorks Studio, can I ask for your help in how I can solve this issue? I am not so sure why the rig is shown outside of its mesh.

Thank you!